YOGA Routine For Lower Back Pain. With Esther Ekhart

Esther shows you a routine using a towel-roll to help you kick the pain in your lower back.Try it, it really works!

Duration : 0:9:19

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  1. mirandamarrs says:

    Esther, thank you …
    Esther, thank you so much! This instantly relieved pain I was experiencing today. :)

  2. chandnee says:

    Its good that you …
    Its good that you have posted these excercices but the big problem is you imagine every body has a body like you.
    Now, tell these back pain excercise , for a lady with big belly and bad knees. That would be a big help. Because while doing this excercise those two problems pose a big problem. Thanks.

  3. barryhass says:

    works well

    works well

  4. hueymax says:

    Great vid Esther, I …
    Great vid Esther, I do a lot of weight training and my lower back is always giving me trouble. Very stiff and sore. I’m doing this to help. Where in Ireland is your class? I’m in Galway city.

  5. daveybrown says:

    this is really …
    this is really great. i do wish that you actually walked us through the exercises at the pace that you recommend to us so that we can follow along. I found myself wanting to just focus on the movements and not have to worry about memorizing the whole routine. For example when you say hold this for 5-6 breaths but then just hold it for 1-2 in the instructions, this means I can’t complete the movements while watching.

  6. cynrab says:

    Esther. I like to …
    Esther. I like to thank you so much. I found you on youtube 2 days ago and started this yoga. cos i recently had slip disc and walking is painful for me. I do tractions and physio at the hospital yet recovery was slow.After doing this yoga from you just 2 days ago, today is my third day and I am walking with no pain at my ankle. Thanks to you and I will cont doing yoga from your youtube. Thumbs up

  7. fy5pp says:

    yes i like your …
    yes i like your veido

  8. yogatic says:

    @andycsluk Don’t …
    @andycsluk Don’t worry if you can’t straighten your legs yet, never force yourself!

  9. andycsluk says:

    Hello Esther, thank …
    Hello Esther, thank you for all your wonderful videos. I suffer lower back pain & am working with a weekly yoga class to try to ease this. Please could you advise as to what I should do if I can’t straighten my legs with a belt as in your video above.

  10. 17gmont says:

    Dear Esther, you …
    Dear Esther, you are an excellent teacher.As a chiropractor, I strongly recommend yoga exercises for back pain especially the lumbar trilogy. I always explain and demonstrate them to my patients but watching you helped me refine my way of teaching them… Thank you.

  11. sasiyonidanto says:

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  12. mikeyc424 says:

    My first time doing …
    My first time doing yoga….that feels really good on the lower back! Thank-you for freely sharing your knowledge!

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  14. lauradegaspari1 says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! I love your videos.

  15. rahulariansenator says:

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    gr8 session..are there any yoga techinques for periperal neuropathy problem..

  16. rahulariansenator says:

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    gr8 session…are there any exercises for periperal neuropathy problem

  17. rahulariansenator says:

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  21. cheesygruven says:

    loving these, thanks
    loving these, thanks

  22. swrylander says:

    This works …
    This works wonderfully! Thanks so much!

  23. nazaretd says:

    GREAT! Wundabare …
    GREAT! Wundabare erklaerung! Herzlichen Dank!

  24. RivenrockGardens says:

    Very informative …
    Very informative and well explained. thanks. These do help a hurt back.

  25. RivenrockGardens says:

    Very informative, …
    Very informative, you explain this very well. These exercises are similar to what my chiropractor gave me a pamphlet of… your video makes it much easier than a simple diagram can. And yes, they do help relieve my back pain, and helped strengthen me again. thanks. You accent is nice with the combo of Dutch and just a tiny bit of Irish pronunciation I hear once in a while.

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