Workout of the Month: Yoga for Better Sex with Tara Stiles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hot date tonight? Try these moves to help you relax and prime your bod for playtime. Single? These poses also help relieve any anxiety. Hold each pose for five breaths; switch sides. Get more healthy living tips at .

Duration : 0:2:31

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  1. cuparoza says:

    Cool! Wasn’t it …
    Cool! Wasn’t it possible to get anyone who has used the videocamera at least once before?

  2. Daniea3 says:

    @nikkelia yeah, …
    @nikkelia yeah, there seems to be a weird echo. Although, this sequence is very basic (low lunge, lizard, lunge variation, then pigeon) but I could see how for beginning yoginis, there’d be an issue.

  3. nikkelia says:

    it’s really hard to …
    it’s really hard to hear Tara when she goes back on the mat

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