Yoga Poses w/ Sonja 15, Detox Workout, Yoga for Beginners Asanas

Yoga Poses w/ Sonja 15, Detox Workout, Yoga for Beginners Asanas

Sonja Spray is a yoga teacher in Austin, Texas.

In this free online yoga workout demonstration video, she also discusses the benefits of this yoga pose as well as what to avoid so you are not doing the asana incorrectly. Including the correct starting and ending position for the exercise. This is a pose for beginners.


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  1. DivinePuissance says:

    sexy? where? not …
    sexy? where? not the body, not the voice, maybe the long hair? It’s just ridiculous not to attach the hair during exercices. Most of yoga women have long long hair.

  2. Bagi100 says:

    @cheat123 me to i …
    @cheat123 me to i would fucke her all day.

  3. Daniea3 says:

    Sonja, definitely …
    Sonja, definitely keep up with posting these yoga routines and individual asanas (my fave). You are an excellent teacher! Very to the point.

  4. kimtonearts says:

    Thanks for reminind …
    Thanks for reminind me how much I need to get my Yoga workouts back on track.

  5. 360azimuth says:

    Nice slow pace and …
    Nice slow pace and good instruction. Also, not just a snippet, but a series.Thank you

  6. smilinjoe1 says:

    This is definitely …
    This is definitely changing my blood flow…GJ!!

  7. cheat123 says:

    i would not mind …
    i would not mind putting it inside her

  8. therarasblabla says:

    Y don’t u tie your …
    Y don’t u tie your hair back it is a really annoying mess doesnt it bother you ?

  9. flipperISdead says:

    I think up dog is …
    I think up dog is my favorite yoga position.

  10. dapsapsrp says:

    If I did those …
    If I did those moves around the 3:45 mark I would not feel toxins squeezing out of my organs but more like serious pain. Sonja moves so smoothly and is amazingly felxible. Nice professional video.

  11. plaidchuck says:

    lol u are …
    lol u are too much with your comments

  12. aghoranathi says:

    What about Brahman!?
    What about Brahman!?

  13. timabad says:

    sonja + new video = …
    sonja + new video = break out the lube.

  14. adx999 says:

    do this in …
    do this in urbr and thong baby so i can wank off u dirty sluttt…

  15. charlig69 says:

    Sonja, I know you …
    Sonja, I know you want to give a nice view with the window open, but it is too bright outside …

  16. barelylegalpigeons says:

    the hair flip is …
    the hair flip is always good in yoga…it’s absolutely essential to concentrate on how pretty you look at all times to others…long hair also helps hide the line of your spine, so that beginners really have the opportunity to experiment with what it means to be an ambulance call away from an injury…lol…not to mention, it’s fun to get hair in your mouth and mat while you teach…cough cough hair ball cough ~ need a hair elastic or a bobby pin or some gel?

  17. EverlastingSponger says:

    I guess Yoga does a …
    I guess Yoga does a body good. ;)

  18. ijwtwy says:

    sonja with all due …
    sonja with all due respect… you are extremelly hot!

  19. Kaseypink123 says:

    Thank you Sonja… …
    Thank you Sonja…your yoga videos are excellent…they are really increasing my flexibility :)

  20. ComradeRama says:

    Wish if I could …
    Wish if I could detox but I love to chew tobacco too much. Yeah, picked up the habit from some rednecks while I was staying in the US. Now i’m totally hooked.

  21. MmoInfo says:

    Have to glue my …
    Have to glue my eyeballs back in

  22. deke441 says:

    Up dog definitely …
    Up dog definitely got my circulation going..Ty!

  23. capcom101you says:

    that was great
    that was great

  24. troglodyte3344 says:

    good dog
    good dog

  25. freightmaster522 says:

    great video
    great video

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