Yoga Poses for Insomnia : Yoga Supported Shoulder Stand for Insomnia

The supported shoulder stand is a great yoga pose for insomnia treatment. Learn how to do the supported shoulder yoga pose in this free video on yoga for insomnia.

Expert: Elizabeth Rose
Bio: Elizabeth Rose is a registered Hatha yoga teacher with a background in modern dance, gymnastics, martial arts, and circus arts.
Filmmaker: randy primm

Duration : 0:2:21

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  1. zxzxholyflags212 says:

    Well i start with …
    Well i start with some fruit. and then also 30 minutes. it realy helps if you are tired.


  2. KDubMoney24 says:

    Damn I would …
    I would her so hard in that position… :)

  3. luticia says:

    I really like her. …
    I really like her. Wish I had a motivating friend like her.

  4. ejlmp says:

    I do the shoulder …
    I do the shoulder stand for 30 minutes everyday and so far it hasn’t helped with insomnia. I wish it did. If anything I feel energized after 10-30 min. in this pose. I’m only 73 so I can work on trying it for insomnia a few more years till the big sleep. Whatever that is. I used the floor for this but I find a bed more comfortable with the same effect AFAIK using the ss.

  5. gossipgirlguy says:

    owh! omg that looks …
    owh! omg that looks like it hurts!

  6. EmoElmoOnHigh says:

    Sooo, does this …
    Sooo, does this actually work?

  7. Mahalakshmiom says:

    Any inversions can …
    Any inversions can create pressure in the head, and raise blood pressure, particularly the eyes; in shoulderstand bcause of the position of the head and neck, this effect can be amplified.

  8. zorbazoo says:

    I have glaucoma and …
    I have glaucoma and I’m curious as to why I should need doctors permission? Have been doing the Bikram series for about 4 years on and off…have I unknowingly put myself at some extra risk? Thank you for the vid…Namaste.

  9. RockandRoller918 says:

    Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your yoga it has really helped me.

  10. SilentPhil2 says:

    Yeah, I can see how …
    Yeah, I can see how that just might be a problem if you were pregnant.

  11. SissyMissy96 says:

    Is it possible to …
    Is it possible to do this without using suport?

  12. coolselvan says:

    thank u very much
    thank u very much

  13. faresscom says:

    je m’appele tayeb …
    je m’appele tayeb je ss moniteur de sport ;bravo bravo is goooooooood

  14. chopsueyweis15 says:

    that was messed up. …
    that was messed up. i do that on wii fit better. lol =)

  15. philippak says:

    For better form, …
    For better form, and in order not to harm the ligaments of the thumb, the thumb should be in line with the other fingers along the back. Also, for more support, the elbows can rest on the blanket, in other words the blanket should be a platform for the upper arm.

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