Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief : Relax After Yoga Back Pain Workout

Back pain relief at last! How to relax your body after exercise. Find out how to counter backaches with yoga poses and exercises in these free fitness videos.

Expert: Prarit Jha
Bio: Pratit Jha is a fitness expert who specializes in yoga and meditation.
Filmmaker: shagufta khan

Duration : 0:1:9

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  1. maddenptofficial says:

    Nice video. Very …
    Nice video. Very helpful

  2. chuckyoungbloods says:

    Very Chill…
    Very Chill…

  3. SSHThomi says:

    wow this really …
    wow this really helps

  4. deepikafan1 says:

    just watch him and …
    just watch him and follow wht he is doing=)

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  6. wainting2beripe says:

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    I tried it, my back feels better!

  7. Rbabaganosh says:

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    you dont mess with the zohan

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  9. lupitagmty says:

    thats it?
    thats it?

  10. roercastillo says:

    YOU SAY WHAT….. …
    YOU SAY WHAT…………?

  11. agentcody123 says:

    thank you. I think …
    thank you. I think this i helping my ack.

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