Yoga Asanas – Warrior Pose Virabhadrasana Asana

This is the Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana Asana in Sanskrit. It is brought to you by Yoga Online. Try the Warrior pose to energise yourself. Virabhadrasana is brought to you by Visit our website for more free high quality downloads . Please when you visit the website, be sure to sign for our FREE newsletter Informing you of new videos audio and other cool stuff.

Duration : 0:5:26

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  1. mitchx69 says:

    @hotjock345 i …
    @hotjock345 i noticed it when i saw your comment good eyes

  2. mitchx69 says:

    why is it going so …
    why is it going so fast and for 2 seconds?

  3. DarkAtHearts says:

    you can see that …
    you can see that ghuy smurf on the left

  4. ProfRaphaello says:

    Very good!!!
    Very good!!!

  5. gnulebin says:

    great instructions. …
    great instructions. Thank you.
    Yes, the guy has really something going on down there. Yoga lingam…

  6. Duendecillo1993 says:

    haha I noticed that …
    haha I noticed that halfway through this… gave a lot to think about :D

  7. FreeYogaVideos says:

    Thanks your not …
    Thanks your not wrong.


    yummy. id do him.
    yummy. id do him.

  9. hotjock345 says:

    look at the bulge …
    look at the bulge on the guy on the left…wow!! looks like he is packing something serious down there!! mmmm

  10. orttet says:

    A very good video. …
    A very good video. I like very muck. Thank you

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