How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners : How To Do The Cat Cow Yoga Pose

Learn how to do the Cat Cow Pose in this free online video on yoga exercises for beginners.

Expert: Samantha Raphael
Bio: Samantha Raphael, R.Y.T. has been practicing Yoga for eight years and teaching for three.
Filmmaker: Samantha Raphael

Duration : 0:1:29

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  1. Barby877 says:

    one more tiiiiiiime …
    one more tiiiiiiime!ahah

  2. Justin21499 says:

    @josephfoster30 lol
    @josephfoster30 lol

  3. josephfoster30 says:

    You have a nice …
    You have a nice body, and a nice round ass!

  4. XivioKiera says:


  5. Xxdr3w2011xX says:

    haha i like it …
    haha i like it tooooo!! ;)

  6. TWxqGGyS says:

    good job of …
    good job of teaching. Thank you!

  7. GirlyGirly4423 says:

    This was a great …
    This was a great yoga pose, as well as they others. You are very talented and fit. I enjoyed alot of your videos and I am a beginner in yoga and would like to carry on streching muscles.

  8. im2sexyforyou says:

    O.. I like this …
    O.. I like this pose if you know what i mean ^_^. I’m just joking, but wow you’re very fit, pretty, and sexy. Thank you

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