Elbow Stand, Yoga poses

A challenging pose for strength

Duration : 0:4:48

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  1. runner920 says:

    Esther is like the …
    Esther is like the Bob Ross of yoga- she has a soothing voice and makes it all look so easy.

  2. yogatic says:

    @ununleg I have …
    @ununleg I have lots of video’s for the shoulders, if you go to the website yogatic.com and fill in the search box yoga for stiff shoulders, or yoga for shoulders you’ll find it. Not particularly yin though :) Good idea though, a yin sequence for the shoulders, will go on my list!

  3. yogatic says:

    @yumi7772 Yes a …
    @yumi7772 Yes a book is fine, just make sure the width is the same, elbow width. Its about squeezing something to help stabilize you. Good luck!

  4. yumi7772 says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for posting this. I have been looking for instruction to do elbow stand for a very long time, this is very helpful. I don’t have a block, are books safe to use for beginners?

  5. ununleg says:

    hi esther, i hv …
    hi esther, i hv incorporated your hip opener yin yoga sequence in my morning routine, i wonder if you have any similar sequence for the shoulders?

  6. kaylaa123451 says:

    you should really …
    you should really kick up.. you should slocly bend your knees and lift..

  7. ArtistIreland says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  8. nyxandyoz says:

    I tried this lovely …
    I tried this lovely pose the first time, a few weeks ago. I was surprised that I can manage to get there. Although I was only able to hold the post for a few seconds… Since that I tried it a few times but not getting there, doing Dolphin instead. I got my whole life to get enough strength and do Forearm stands…
    Thank you for the video! :)

  9. Carolinainmymind says:

    great, I’ll try …
    great, I’ll try that tomorrow morning :-)

  10. MissAyela says:


  11. nickfish03 says:

    One of my favorites …
    One of my favorites, and before shavasana pose. I usually bend my knee up and then straighten my leg instead of kicking.

  12. onureemus says:

    this is great ! i …
    this is great ! i hope i can do it one day !
    your surroundings for yoga are great! room looks really nice!

  13. maggielovesmakeup says:

    wish i could do …
    wish i could do that!

  14. jawanasai says:

    i love you
    i love you

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