Advanced Yoga Poses and Positions : Free Online Yoga Instruction : Yoga Bridge Pose

Online yoga instruction! Learn how to perform the bridge pose yoga position in this free video.

Expert: Amy Pancake
Bio: Amy Pancake is a yoga instructor at Yoga Yoga studio in Austin, Texas.

Duration : 0:1:28

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  1. ashleypedro says:

    Lovely explanation. …
    Lovely explanation. However, this is not an advanced asana. Beginner, maybe intermediate if you moved into the full version.

  2. ashleypedro says:

    Lovely explanation. …
    Lovely explanation… but this is definatly not an advanced asana… Beginner… Intermediate at the very most if you move into the full version

  3. Brooklynzchild12 says:

    Great explanations. …
    Great explanations. Very helpful!

  4. onorbefore says:

    Very helpful, thanks
    Very helpful, thanks

  5. Davieboy93 says:

    duuude lol
    duuude lol

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