Advanced Arm Balance Yoga Poses : Advanced Flying Insect Pose Arm Balances in Advanced Yoga

Learn tips and techniques for mastering the advanced flying insect pose advanced arm balance yoga position and stretches in this free how-to video on advanced yoga poses for arm balance.

Expert: Leta Koontz
Bio: Leta Koontz has been studying yoga since 1998. She is certified to teach yoga through the Himalayan Institute and is the principal of Schoolhouse Yoga.
Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler

Duration : 0:1:8

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  1. jmrunion1 says:

    “…so your …
    “…so your shoulders are under your knees…” HA! I’m attending my first yoga class tomorrow and I figured I would check some poses out, wish I wouldn’t have. I cant touch my toes now so would I ever be able to reach a point like this given that I do it often??

  2. wwerj247 says:

    Victor Kim does …
    Victor Kim does this pose but he jumps in the air and lands in the pose

  3. dentonbrowne says:

    @kidBoogie1 why so? …
    @kidBoogie1 why so? i love yoga ive just started and im able to do advanced poses, wow somethin i can do right lol jk

  4. kidBoogie1 says:

    bboys should …
    bboys should definitely watch all these yoga poses

  5. Goldenpill says:

    hm, nice. You …
    hm, nice. You should also add, or speak about what the asana is good for, and what to focus on when in this asana. Other than that i liked it. Shine on!

  6. Muwt says:

    I couldn’t do that …
    I couldn’t do that if my depended on it.

  7. ariesas says:

    lovely, i can do …
    lovely, i can do that too!!

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