Beginning Yoga can be a useful tool for weight loss.. Buy the full-length DVD for $5.99 at

– Namaste~

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  1. diylessons says:

    Thanks for the easy …
    Thanks for the easy to follow steps!

  2. kvforman says:

    @kbobsled Yes, …
    @kbobsled Yes, blocks can be a great tool to help you with the proper form of a posture, or help you deepen the stretch. Always listen to your body. Find the edge of the stretch, but do not force yourself into in uncomfortable position. Don’t strain. Let your breathe be your teacher. If you are holding or your breathing is shallow then you are pushing to hard. Make your stretch gentle and move slowly. Thanks for the question. Namaste~ Vicki

  3. kbobsled says:

    Short and sweet… …
    Short and sweet…and fairly easy for a totally out of shape beginner! Would it be appropriate to use blocks for some positions if the stretch is too far?

  4. kvforman says:

    @rocknchic2007 Wow, …
    @rocknchic2007 Wow, I so happy that you have decided to try Yoga. I wish that at the age of 16… I would have taken a Yoga class. There are some great teachers and Yoga videos on YouTube… but don’t be shy. Try a real Yoga class in a location close to you.. Be prepare – there are many styles of Yoga. So, find the one that suits you. Yoga will connect the body with your mind. Stay focus sweet 16! Be happy and healthy! Namaste ~ Vicki

  5. rocknchic2007 says:

    I’m 16 and I just …
    I’m 16 and I just started doing yoga and it really makes a difference in your mood and how you feel.I was just searching for some yoga videos and found yours and I’m glad I did.Thanks a bunch for posting this. :)

  6. marikimov says:


  7. kvforman says:

    @erikagracer9 Hi, …
    @erikagracer9 Hi, I know many are confused about the name. My last name is Forman = 4man. Yoga is for everyone!

  8. erikagracer9 says:

    wait? is this yoga …
    wait? is this yoga for man? or it’s also for girls?

  9. RavenHairedBeauty1 says:

    Oh my god….

    for …
    Oh my god….

    for years my back has been screwed and just trying a few poses to see if this was for me… I already feel looser … I feel bad for not doing this sooner but I feel good for giving it a try

  10. kvforman says:

    Yes, coming back to …
    Yes, coming back to your Yoga mat is such a comforting thing. The Yoga4man videos are fairly easy, so I know you can keep up and better yet enjoy! Good luck to you and keep practicing Yoga. Vicki

  11. twistingviolet69 says:

    i have done yoga on …
    i have done yoga on and off for 5 yrs now but youre videos are sooo relaxng:) i hope i can keep it up

  12. kvforman says:

    Hi, Shannen – …
    Hi, Shannen – Thanks for trying out the Yoga video. Beginning Yoga is a great way to start an exercise program. Yoga can have the perfect balance of stretch and strength. Keep up the good work! Vicki

  13. xelegantxdeathx says:

    Hi im shannen, Im a …
    Hi im shannen, Im a little overweight and today i decided to try yoga and aerobics. I really like yoga. its helping me enjoy to strech out. And im sure someday ill be loseing some weight. Thank you so much !! :) -Shannen

  14. kvforman says:

    Hi, Syliva – Thanks …
    Hi, Syliva – Thanks so much for your comments. I glad to hear that Yoga is growing on you… What a great habit to get into. Stay strong in your practice, and you will see changes in your body and your spirit. Take care. Vicki

  15. MetallicaDeathGirl94 says:

    Vicki this videos …
    Vicki this videos are amazing,
    i must say u inspire me…
    thank you so much for putting these up…
    yoga i begging to grow on me,
    i have set targets of doing 20 min yoga everyday with your videos.
    thank you again

  16. kvforman says:

    Hello, ChaylaAnn – …
    Hello, ChaylaAnn – Thank-you so much for your positive comments. I’m glad that you are practicing Yoga! There are so many branches of Yoga, and it is important that you find the style that suits you. Thank you for your support. Namaste~ Vicki

  17. ChaylaAnn says:

    Vicki I love your …
    Vicki I love your videos. i found them 2 days ago, while looking for something simple, easy to follow, and low impact. Your yoga really is refreshing, strengthening, and so easy to access! Thank you so much.

  18. kvforman says:

    Thanks, shygurl… …
    Thanks, shygurl… I’m so glad that you tried this Yoga video out. Yoga can be easy and fun. Best of all… it makes you feel good! Yoga can lift your mood and help you gain strength and flexibility. Keep up the good work. Namaste~ Vicki

  19. shygurl0950 says:

    This was my first …
    This was my first time trying yoga and I must say that I really like this. The moves were easy and comfortable and this is actually kinda of fun. Thanks so much for this video!!

  20. kvforman says:

    Good 4 you, Miss …
    Good 4 you, Miss Holly. Staying with a Yoga practice is so important …. you will feel great. It is important to keep a healthy diet along with your Yoga practice. Keep positive thoughts! Namaste~ Vicki

  21. xmissxholly says:

    hi, im hollie and i …
    hi, im hollie and i have done this twice im goin to try it for 14 days and see if i notice a diffrence if i do i will continue to use this fantastic video. Thank you so much user kvformen for uploading this video (:

  22. tesssa92 says:

    i tried this one …
    i tried this one out, it was great!

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