Yoga for Beginners

Everyone can do yoga. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible yet. Watch this video. Try it free at for beginners

Dashama is a transformational life coach and teaches private and group yoga classes in Santa Monica, Malibu, CA around the USA and internationally.

Duration : 0:2:16

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  1. cincyfitguy says:

    I love you!
    I love you!

  2. dashama says:

    Please feel free to …
    Please feel free to forward this video to people you know who are new to yoga or considering trying it.. many people need to hear this message, so they don’t feel like if they’re not flexible already yoga isn’t for them or they won’t be able to do it.. EVERYONE can do yoga. and we will all benefit when more people are doing yoga:) There will be more peace on earth. namaste

  3. dashama says:

    Always do your best …
    Always do your best, give your all and aim for the stars & your life will be great! Keep it up. Namaste

  4. NaiomiChelsea says:

    Thank you Dashama …
    Thank you Dashama for reminding me of being honest with myself, i am always expecting too much at once! Practice makes perfect ;-)

  5. implorapace says:

    Be were you are and …
    Be were you are and be tottaly honest with that… so important. a good reminder for me. Thank you Dashama for shining your loving light so bright on us who are seeking life inspiration!! xoxo

  6. dyfucamed says:

    You are surely one …
    You are surely one of the mose out spoken in your family, just the way you talk, makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. You are at the top of your game young lady. I am so glad that I know you, your energy spills into my life daily. Thank you so much

  7. gerry2345 says:

    Yay…. Dashama is …
    Yay…. Dashama is back…Where have you been… Enjoying the Sun I guess…..I am not getting enough weekly routines?

  8. TaizoKasuya says:

    Dashama! 1st of all …
    Dashama! 1st of all thanks for being you! I have been doing yoga as my new workout program physically and mentally since I have had a serious injury. I’ve heard about you and saw you through here, you are awesome. I want to come visit you/your class in person but I don’t know how I get to you! or may join your journey one day…I play pro soccer so seems like never have a time! but I really do want to learn yoga from you! anyway thanks for again and have a good day. xoxo

  9. komalsharmaactres says:

    very gud
    very gud

  10. alibopdingding says:

    Thanks Dashama..x
    Thanks Dashama..x

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