Stress Relief – Yoga for Beginners

Feel tense and tired? Try this short Yoga video to relax and reduce stress. Make sure you connect your breath to the movement to feel calm and relax! Get your free video at Namaste~

Duration : 0:7:10

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  1. mizpain624 says:

    this is great now i …
    this is great now i can take my midterm

  2. kvforman says:

    Yes… You can get …
    Yes… You can get your flexibility back, but it does take time. Stretching is so important for reducing stress and keeping your body healthy. Thanks for working out with the video! Vicki

  3. christalkayn says:

    I am really tight. …
    I am really tight. I am finding that out! The more I do this, my body will get loose wont it?

  4. akoitosan says:

    Yes Vicki you are a …
    Yes Vicki you are a very good teacher. I hate MTV yogas and pilates. They are so threatening to tight people like me. LOL. Thanks Vicki. Namaste.

  5. WhatALoser0mg says:

    That was amazing. …
    That was amazing. :)

  6. FairandUnbalanced says:

    This one seems …
    This one seems pretty good. I’m just starting but too many “yoga” vids on youtube are either just a lot of talk or they look more like aerobics -fast and bouncy. This one looks more doable for people with health problems.

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