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Flexibility is generally defined as the range of motion of the joints. It is the ability to bend and stretch easily without too much effort. Flexibility depends upon various factors like the state of the joints, muscles, length and looseness of muscles, shape of bones, age etc. Some medical conditions like arthritis can affect flexibility.

This flexibility can be attained by effective exercise and also through yoga. Stretching is generally done to increase flexibility. Flexibility can be best gained by performing stretching exercises which may include exercises of back, neck, shoulder, wrist, legs etc. If exercise is done in a proper way it is observed that a person with a rigid body before starting exercise will have gained flexibility of almost every part of his body with regular practice of exercise.

Backbending Tips:


Some benefits of flexibility can be as follows:
- Flexibility allows the body to move freely without much effort for activities like bending, stretching, dancing etc
- Flexibility exercises help to reduce muscle soreness, tension and muscle tear if done with properly
- Flexibility exercises also help reduce the chances of injuries
- Flexibility exercise helps improve the join function
- Decreased recovery time

It is said that flexibility decreases with age but it is also true that flexibility can be attained at any age provided; the exercises are done in the right manner. With regular exercise, even a less flexible person can also achieve flexibility.

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