Ana Brett Ravi Singh Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond propose you to try “Ana Brett Ravi Singh Kundalini Yoga for Beginners”. Ana and Ravi both give instruction in this one while only Ana demonstrates. I find both their voices very soothing and encouraging. Ravi gives most of the instruction while Ana comments on specific form pointers. Her demonstration is perfect and she seems to be really happy throughout the series, which is something you dont always see for some reason in yoga tapes. If you dont like new age or mind body connection you will not enjoy them.

Download “Ana Brett Ravi Singh Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond” DVDRip at and practice it at home.

Duration : 0:1:31

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  1. catcookie says:

    Whoever voted to …
    Whoever voted to dislike has never done the practice.

  2. Jkization says:

    just did the dvd …
    just did the dvd for the first time awesome I love it :) SAT NAM!!!

  3. Jkization says:

    This was an …
    This was an incredible dvd. it was so relaxing and inspiring! SAT NAM~

  4. pessoaUtube says:

    @Refoops Yoga.

    @Refoops Yoga.

  5. SpatialVortex says:

    She seems like a …
    She seems like a kind person.

  6. trigunner87 says:

    no wonder she likes …
    no wonder she likes this pose so much, observe her heels.

  7. Arqueofernan says:


  8. clickswitchh says:

    I want her as my …
    I want her as my teacher

  9. codecougar says:

    Ana, go back to …
    Ana, go back to being a brunette !!

  10. bsadancer says:

    it’s yoga.
    it’s yoga.

  11. RealXIII says:



  12. Refoops says:

    Yoga? Or softcore …
    Yoga? Or softcore porn? You decide.

  13. cyprusforever says:

    seriously this has …
    seriously this has to be the best yoga dvd! It was my first kundalini yoga experience and is special to me!!
    Sat NAM!

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