Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Jen Hilman discusses the benefits of stretching and role of stretching towards physical fitness, exercising, workouts, and general wellness. Stretching lengthens muscle fibers, improves blood flow and circulation, helps the body to detoxify and helps you maintain healthy joints.

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Benefits of stretching jen hilman Austin yoga massage therapy physical fitness exercise workout wellness muscle circulation health healthy joints

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  1. kroikye says:

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    thanks… btw love the way you talk Jen : 0

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    You know I get numbness in my hands sometimes so thank you for the tip. You are also a beautiful woman! I really enjoyed your video!

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    this video is absolutely out of date.

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    good one. i sometimes skip stretching, and i didnt think you should do it after

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    I’ll let you stretch my muscle ANYDAY babe….
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    love already.

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    babe,I would love to do some stretching with you!

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    Will you marry me?

  8. tincanactionman says:

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    Very helpful and informative. Thanks for posting :)

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    Thank you for this video. Please ignore all of the stupid immature comments.

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    this vid is very true, and love her voice

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    Thank you for the information, this was very useful.

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    Great video, thanks for the information.

  15. pshaw951 says:

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    she’s high…. :) !!!!

  16. TheDimensionalwalker says:

    I do martial arts …
    I do martial arts and energy healing. I use Tai Chi stretching to increase my blood flow, which increases the healing energies I can transmit. I cant stress to people how important it is to stretch, and to breathe properly. Yoga and Tai Chi are absolutely amazing. Awesome video, people need to think about this. Your body is capable of so much more than the common person realizes! The body is a temple, so honor it. Namaste

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  18. satchi123 says:

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    there’s a higher spiritual philosohy in yoga that most caucasians are not aware, like her…but all she says is also good.

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    You so hot

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    @belshazer haha. Good analogy!

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