My name is Carisa Mellado and I have been teaching courses for many years that include the tools provided in this kit. The courses are worth hundreds of dollars and I have witnessed INCREDIBLE change in people who have worked with the tools provided in this course. I have seen miraculous recoveries from cancer, job opportunities come up suddenly and relationships completely transformed, just to name a few things.

We believe that we when the world is doing better as a whole, we all do better on a personal level too. We want to put our energy into creating change, more health, more love, more magic, more wisdom, more courage, more passion, more power, more success and more abundance for everyone. We believe that when we put our energy toward this focus, it creates a better quality of life for our selves, our loved ones and the world as a whole.

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Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Jen Hilman discusses the benefits of stretching and role of stretching towards physical fitness, exercising, workouts, and general wellness. Stretching lengthens muscle fibers, improves blood flow and circulation, helps the body to detoxify and helps you maintain healthy joints.

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Benefits of stretching jen hilman Austin yoga massage therapy physical fitness exercise workout wellness muscle circulation health healthy joints

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Types of Massage Therapy & Benefits, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Types of Massage Therapy & Benefits, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

What are the differences between Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Thai massage, pregnancy massage?

Jen Hilman talks about her involvement with massage therapy, yoga and meditation about how these things can be used to relax a person and manage stressful life situations.

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massage therapy different types benefits Jen Hilman Austin yoga Swedish deep tissue sports thai pregnancy meditation

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The Benefits Of Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy: A new Way to Keep Us Healthy

Yoga therapy is a way to keep our body, mind and soul healthy. It is a new form of healing therapy. Yoga therapy is a combination of modern medicine with the traditional yoga. The medicine touch makes yoga therapy work more efficient. This combination is really great, and it is recommended by many people. Yoga therapy can be used for a very wide range of body, mind and soul conditions. For example, as a healing therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, asthma, hypertension, stress, depression, and many more.

Yoga therapy is a new way to keep us healthy. With the touch of ancient Indian moves and the combination of medicine will make it more reliable. Yoga therapy can be used for chronic conditions. During pregnancy, yoga therapy can be applied to reduce pain for women. And also help with any conditions that may appear during pregnancy such as nausea, headaches, edema and low back pain. In general, yoga therapy will promote and maintain our health.

In some hospitals, especially in India, yoga therapy is become one of their programs. It can be used as another option when other treatment or healing program does not show any good result. Nowadays, yoga therapy centers are developing in Europe and USA. Yoga therapy can be applied alongside with other healing treatments. Yoga therapy will boost the health condition of the patients. Professional practitioners will also suggest yoga therapy for the patients.

Besides yoga therapy, some people may also prefer homeopathy, acupuncture or dietary therapy. It can be combined together with the yoga therapy. If you are newbie in yoga therapy, the therapist will guide you during the therapy program. You may also take a consultation with the yoga therapy consultant before starting the program. And you have to ask your doctor first to find out is yoga therapy is suitable for you or not.

Sometimes, the trainings only specializes in one area such as yoga therapy for heart disease, yoga therapy for cancer, yoga therapy for pregnancy, yoga therapy for depression. You can ask your spouse to accompany you taking the therapy program. So you will feel more comfortable with the therapy.

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72 Yoga Poses

Learn some yoga poses with relaxing music.

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Yoga Poses for Menstruating, Menopausal, or Pregnant Women : Prenatal Yoga Squat Position for Pregnant Women

Learn how to do the squat prenatal yoga position for pregnant women in this free how-to video about yoga for pregnant women.

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