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July 22-25, 2010 Cabo San Lucas Island, Mexico
Dr. Pillai Reveals the Concepts and Super-Thinking Practices In a 4-Day Workshop ~ JULY 22-25th in tropical paradise: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
“This course is my gift to all high achievers who seek bliss, success and enlightenment. Generally the course will take 40 years of study. I am doing it in 4 days. We need to move to the fast track”. ~ Dr. Pillai

Patanjali’s YOGA SUTRAS: Tools for Bliss & Super Accomplished Life
Patanjali (200 BCE) is the Master Teacher for ALL Yogis.
He Teaches You How to Perform More Than 15 Miracles through Mastering Your Mind

On this auspicious full moon, according to sages and scriptures, the Saints, Siddhas and Ascended Masters come down to the earth plane; energies become available to practice Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Intensive Samyama meditation will reveal your exceptional ability to develop “supernormal” powers.

On July 22nd these ancient writings come alive. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are a systematic study of the human mind and its ability.

Having Spent His Life Dedicated to the Research and Mastery of This Ancient Wisdom, Dr. Pillai is highly acclaimed as an expert in this field. He has carefully researched and translated these authentic writings to introduce these vital concepts for today’s global environment.

Throughout This Course You Will Learn the Ancient Secrets Revealed in the YOGA SUTRAS

Duration : 0:8:4

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Yoga for Beginners: Learn to Breathe the Yoga Way

There is a special breathing technique used in yoga practcie called ujjayi breath. Ujjayi is a sanskrit word that means ‘Victory’. We use this breath to overcome the constant mental chatter in the mind. Example of your mind: think of a drunk monkey locked in a closet. It would be going nuts, bouncing around, tearing the shelves down, just going crazy. That is your mind in day to day life. Think of the monkey quietly sleeping, very still, silent… That is the effect of ujjayi breath on your mind. Seriously.

Duration : 0:1:2

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Yoga For Beginners: Sun Salutation A Stepping Back

The heart of the vinyasa flow yoga practice is the Sun Salutations. They are a beautiful set of asanas linked together in a way that expresses strength, flexibility and grace REGARDLESS of how old, inflexible or fat you may be. Yoga is for EVERY BODY and if you think you are too old, inflexible or fat now to do yoga, how are you going to be 10 years from now? (OOohh, shivers up the spine…)

Do you want to be older, stiffer and fatter, or vibrant, healthy and full of energy?

I kid you not – yoga is the way.. Begin now. I make these videos super easy to do, initially, so my old, stiff and/or fat friends can start their practice in the privacy of their own homes at their own pace and decided to share the content with the world. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the content. I am here to help.

Duration : 0:3:56

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Learn Yoga Guide

The basic knowledge to learn yoga is to understand that yoga is the effort to concentrate in balancing mind, body, and emotion in order to be able to connect with jivatma or the internal spirit which is part of Paratma or the Supreme Universal Spirit or God. There are several paths to learn yoga. The first is raja that is a way to learn yoga involving the ability to master the mind and senses. Hatha is a way to learn yoga by involving the cultivation of one’s energy, which is meant to arouse Kundalini. Mantra is a way to learn yoga by reciting andrepeating sacred words that are used to obtain perfection. Laya is a way to learn yoga by involving oneself to the absorbtion in god in order to experience the ultimate bliss. Bhakti that is a way to learn yoga by devoting oneself to God so achieve the obtain the main goal. Karma that is a way to learn yoga by selfless work and giving no goals on personal reward. Jnana that is a way to learn yoga by having the knowledge to differentiate the spiritual reality and illusion in this world. All of these paths to learn yoga are meant to achieve the ultimate goal of having a more balanced life.
The paths above are manifested to various fundamentals movement or body gesture. Each of yoga position has philosophical and spiritual meaning instead of merely physical exercise. Reading books and articles of this manifestation may be a good suggestion to make the positions familiar with the body and to help concentrating. However, to learn yoga by its philosophical essence, one will need a guru to understand the real meaning of yoga and achieve the ultimate goal of yoga.

Duration : 0:3:1

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How to Learn Yoga Comprehensively

10 Day Free Trial: …Try 10 FREE at-home. Enjoy the benefits of a yoga studio at home with one-on-one instruction from yoga experts, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman through videos, podcasts, pose guides, and a community forum. Start your 10 day Free Trial Today!

Duration : 0:4:2

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How to Learn Yoga Comprehensively — How to Learn Yoga Comprehensively

Yoga has become a popular form of exercise and relaxation. Athletes and celebrities use yoga to tone and firm their bodies and relax their minds. If you are interested in learning yoga, you have many options available. So, grab a yoga mat and let the relaxing workout begin.

1.Research the different types of yoga to find one that appeals to you. Some Yoga styles include Hatha Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. While these different types of yoga are based on the same poses, the instruction varies. Some are more spiritual, while others are more physical.

2.Find a yoga instructor who instructs in the style of yoga that you selected as a good match for you. Visit with the instructor before starting class to see what materials you will need. Typically you need a mat and comfortable clothing.

3.Attend classes regularly. While weekly attendance is good, yoga poses improve with guided practice, so try to attend more than once per week.

4.Ask your instructor which poses are safe to practice at home. Your instructor will know which poses you are doing well enough to practice independently. Practice these poses independently on a daily basis.

5.Read about yoga online or in magazine articles. This will keep you current with new information and trends.

6.Attend a yoga retreat. There are yoga retreat centers located around the country. A retreat can provide you with a relaxing break from the stresses of your life while teaching you some new yoga poses.

to learn more about learn yoga, simply visit :

Duration : 0:4:2

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