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What is Yoga? Who is Yoga for? What are the benefits of Yoga? – MyHealth Yoga
Carrie-Anne Fields answers some important questions for those interested
in starting a life revolution through the way of Yoga.
Yoga is an ancient form of spiritual/physical practice that has an enormous
variety of benefits and that can be practiced by anyone.
Stay tuned for more Yoga and well-being.


Song “Chihuly” reproduced with written consent of:

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Kashi ( Dinesh Kashibar ) about the benefits of Yoga

Kashi is a Yoga Teacher and member of “The Art of Living-Foundation” founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Kashi is travelling around Europe and teaching Sudarshan Kriya.

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Yoga Meditation Indian Drone w Ocean Waves Sound Music Video Relaxation Devanagari Tambura Tanpura

Great Meditation Indian Drone with Ocean Waves Sound Music and Video!

This track track is from cd:
”The Art of Flying” (Sitar, Voice, Piano) Christian Tatonetti
The ocean was wild today after a little storm so I ran out with my camera to capture a glimpse of the moment. I hope you will enjoy this video to meditate, relax, fall asleep or jam with.(It is in the key of C#) Check out my channel if you want more relaxing music!

Thanks for your support.

Christian Tatonetti was born in Montreal. He lived for ten year son Salt Spring Island, and now resides in Victoria. This innovative musician plays sitar, piano and is currently studying classical singing at the Victoria Conservatory of Music with the illustrious soprano Nancy Argenta. He won first prize for best original song at “Le Gala Provincial de laChanson” in British-Columbia in 2002. He was awarded “Best Singer Interpreter” at the same Provincial competition in 2004. Christian also joined Théâtre Inconnu for their production of ”Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” in Victoria. Christian is currently a chorus member of Pacific Opera Victoria. Last spring, Christian sang in Mozart’s ”Cosi FanTutte” and will sing once again with the company in Puccini’s “LaBohème” in February 2011. In addition, he hosts a morning show called ”Bon Matin” at a local French radio station in Victoria. (107.9 FM CILS) Christian also performs at music festivals and at Victoria’s waterfront playing his sitar. Other activities include photography, making music videos and teaching French.

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Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Benefits of Stretching, Jen Hilman Austin Yoga and Massage Therapy

Jen Hilman discusses the benefits of stretching and role of stretching towards physical fitness, exercising, workouts, and general wellness. Stretching lengthens muscle fibers, improves blood flow and circulation, helps the body to detoxify and helps you maintain healthy joints.

This video was produced by Psychetruth

© Copyright 2010 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Benefits of stretching jen hilman Austin yoga massage therapy physical fitness exercise workout wellness muscle circulation health healthy joints

Duration : 0:9:37

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Hatha Yoga for Sadness Relief ~ full class ~37 minutes for more free video.

Sadness happens to all of us at some point . Whether we are simply a little blue, or dealing with life’s more challenging circumstances sometimes daily life becomes hampered by the emotions we hold in our bodies.

Regular practice of this flow will stabilize your mood and lift your spirits as well as provide a no-impact dose of fitness! A great PMS and STRESS buster as well, and at only 37 minutes, lack of time isn’t an issue! Andrea guides you through this sequence of twists, back bends, standing postures and pranayama to increase your endorphins, get your blood flowing and focus your mind on the day ahead of you. Final relaxation is combined with a Buddhist meditation to add perseverance and positive thinking to your outlook for the days when it is hard to find it for yourself. Duration: 41 min

Note: You will need a small, smooth stone that fits into the palm of your hand for final relaxation – be sure to choose your stone before you settle down for your practice.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate to Advanced

Benefits: soothes anxiety, uplifting, stabilizes mood, decreases PMS symptoms, increases perspective and clarity, increases self-esteem, improves posture, opens shoulders, hip flexors and the heart chakra

Contraindications: if you have very low blood pressure, do not over exert yourself during the pranayama portion of this class; modify the poses if you have any shoulder or lower back pain; if you have any concerns about anxiety or depression always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program

Teacher: Andrea MacDonald

Yoga Blooper

Funny Blooper! Who would have guessed that the funniest moment captured during production of YogaYak would happen during the Sadness Relief recording! The blooper stars Andrea, a Canada goose and a dog.

Duration : 0:36:54

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Benefits of Yoga Asanas 1-4 Dada Madhuvidyananda

Learn how yoga postures harmonize your body and mind through their effects on your glands, nerves, spine, and all the cells of your body. Learn about the yogic diet that is beneficial for your body and your mind.

Dada is a yogic monk and spiritual teacher (Acarya). Dada teaches in Germany where he currently lives and is author of Seven Secrets of Success – A guide to living a successful and fulfilling life (

Duration : 0:9:16

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Bikram Yoga Poses Besides the Bikram yoga mat, there are only a few things that are needed for an individual to get the most out of the Bikram yoga poses. Despite needing a certain amount of padding, a Bikram yoga mat should not be too thick either, since other Bikram yoga poses are balancing poses which a mat that is too squishy can cause the individual to lose his or her balance.

Duration : 0:2:58

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Health Benefits Of Yoga.wmv Gives tons of info on how to use yoga to cure your self and practical techniques to apply!

Duration : 0:1:22

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Benefits of Yoga 3-4 Diet Dada Madhuvidyananda

Learn the yoga system of selecting foods that vitalize body & mind and promotes spiritual progress.

This video is the third part of Dada Madhuvidyananda’s talk on the Benefits of Yoga Asanas.

Dada is a yogic monk and spiritual teacher (Acarya). Dada teaches in Germany where he currently lives and is the author of Seven Secrets of Success – A guide to living a successful and fulfilling life (

Duration : 0:9:41

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