My name is Carisa Mellado and I have been teaching courses for many years that include the tools provided in this kit. The courses are worth hundreds of dollars and I have witnessed INCREDIBLE change in people who have worked with the tools provided in this course. I have seen miraculous recoveries from cancer, job opportunities come up suddenly and relationships completely transformed, just to name a few things.

We believe that we when the world is doing better as a whole, we all do better on a personal level too. We want to put our energy into creating change, more health, more love, more magic, more wisdom, more courage, more passion, more power, more success and more abundance for everyone. We believe that when we put our energy toward this focus, it creates a better quality of life for our selves, our loved ones and the world as a whole.

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Hatha Yoga Free Video: Beginners Yoga — I teach people how to double their flexibility using Gravity Poses & nutritional supplements to support limberness. Click on the link above to join my free, 7-day email course.

Flexibility is generally defined as the range of motion of the joints. It is the ability to bend and stretch easily without too much effort. Flexibility depends upon various factors like the state of the joints, muscles, length and looseness of muscles, shape of bones, age etc. Some medical conditions like arthritis can affect flexibility.

This flexibility can be attained by effective exercise and also through yoga. Stretching is generally done to increase flexibility. Flexibility can be best gained by performing stretching exercises which may include exercises of back, neck, shoulder, wrist, legs etc. If exercise is done in a proper way it is observed that a person with a rigid body before starting exercise will have gained flexibility of almost every part of his body with regular practice of exercise.

Backbending Tips:

Some benefits of flexibility can be as follows:
- Flexibility allows the body to move freely without much effort for activities like bending, stretching, dancing etc
- Flexibility exercises help to reduce muscle soreness, tension and muscle tear if done with properly
- Flexibility exercises also help reduce the chances of injuries
- Flexibility exercise helps improve the join function
- Decreased recovery time

It is said that flexibility decreases with age but it is also true that flexibility can be attained at any age provided; the exercises are done in the right manner. With regular exercise, even a less flexible person can also achieve flexibility.

Learn more about how to become flexible and li

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How the 26 Bikram Yoga Poses Be Your Benefits

How the 26 Bikram Yoga Poses Be Your Benefits

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Yoga For Beginners: Online Video — Yoga is more than just poses, but when you’re first starting, you have to start with the body before you can move on. Lucas Rockwood teaches yoga flexibility and nutritional training for yoga students. Free e-course at the URL above.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are in themselves exceedingly brief, less than ten pages of large type in the original. Yet they contain the essence of practical wisdom, set forth in admirable order and detail. The theme, if the present interpreter be right, is the great regeneration, the birth of the spiritual from the psychical man: the same theme
which Paul so wisely and eloquently set forth in writing to his disciples in Corinth, the theme of all mystics in all lands.

The teaching of the East is, that all these are true powers overlaid by false desires; that though in manifestation psychical, they are in essence spiritual; that the psychical man is the veil and prophecy of the spiritual man.

The purpose of life, therefore, is the realizing of that prophecy; the unveiling of the immortal man; the birth of the spiritual from the psychical, whereby we enter our divine inheritance and come to inhabit Eternity. This is, indeed, salvation, the purpose of all true
religion, in all times.


Patanjali has in mind the spiritual man, to be born from the psychical. His purpose is, to set in order the practical means for the unveiling and regeneration, and to indicate the fruit, the glory and the power, of that new birth.


Sun salutations video:

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Yoga Stretching Exercises: Headstand I (Part 3) — FREE 7-day email course reveals the yoga stretching flexibility secrets of nutrition and practice.

FREE YOGA VIDEO: Headstand (Sirsasana Pose)
Sirsasana, or headstand, looks quite difficult, but is actually a very simple yoga pose that anyone can learn in 1-4 weeks. Inverted yoga postures can feel scary or awkward, but once you get used to the sensation, they are actually quite enjoyable. Long-time yoga students have been known to hold sirsasana for as long as 5 minutes; and the world record headstand is something like 2 hours and 40 minutes!

HEADSTAND: Is it Safe?
I have taught headstand in nearly every yoga class I’ve ever taught (which is thousands), and I’ve found it to be one of the safest and simplest yoga poses you can learn… provided you practice correctly. Some people like to argue that our bodies are not designed for this type of movement, but I think that’s a very limited view of human evolution. Gently resting your body weight on your head is hardly an extreme movement, and I’ve seen everyone from 80 lbs. elderly women to 225 lbs. bodybuilders learn to master this pose without much resistance.

FREE yoga tips and tricks:

When you’re upside down, the blood pressure in your body is reversed. Your body has a “fail safe” on the brain so it doesn’t burst with pressure, but the rest of your body is undergoing a pretty serious shift. What this means is that fresh blood is pushed with more force into areas it wouldn’t normally reach as easily; and from a health perspective, this is a good thing! On a more subtle level, headstand tends to have a very calming and balancing effect on the body.

Learn how to double your flexibility in 28 days using powerful gravity poses and nutritional supplements. FREE 7-day email course show how.

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Backbend Yoga Poses: Ashtanga Dropbacks — STRETCHING SECRETS REVEALED in a FREE, 7-day email course. Discover the secret connection between nutrition and flexibility. Yoga students only.

Yoga backbends are one of the most fun and challenging of practices because they involve making the front of our body extremely vulnerable. Genetically, we’re hard-wired to guard our chest and protect our heart center; so in some ways, backbends are going against natureā€”but in a good way.

Before you can do a yoga dropback, it’s essential that you are able to practice full wheel pose with straight arms comfortably for at least 30 breaths. Also called Urdva Dhanurasana, full wheel pose builds the foundation for this more advanced variation.


I know many guys who are very stiff in their backs who can still do really nice, clean dropbacks. As mentioned, you must be competent at Urdva Danurasana (wheel pose), but after that, it’s mostly strength and balance. As in most backbending poses, the focus is on a strong and stable lower body and a loose and soft upper body. The further back you go, the more your body will instinctively close off your heart center, so you have to consciously tell yourself: “legs strong, heart open.”

When you first begin learning dropbacks, it’s a good idea to practice the rocking technique. This is accomplished simply by “rocking” the weight primarily into your feet, then your hands, then back to your feet again. On one of the rocks, when the weight is on your feet, the next step is to gently push off with your fingertips.

When I was first learning this posture, practicing Gravity Poses (and eating the right foods) made huge difference. I have a free, 7-day course that explain how it works. Click here:

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