Yoga for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome : More Finger Stretches for Carpal Tunnel

Learn how to do a yoga interlaced finger stretch to reduce the pain and irritation of carpal tunnel syndrome with expert yoga tips from an professional instructor in this free alternative medicine video clip.

Expert: Theresa Murphy
Bio: Theresa Murphy is co-owner and director of One Tree Yoga in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a certified yoga instructor, registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.
Filmmaker: Michelle Kohrs

Duration : 0:1:40

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  1. TheGIANTpigmy says:

    thank you for the …
    thank you for the posting :)

  2. missinglink1026 says:

    great info ,these …
    great info ,these exercises have helped,
    By the way is that a Blaze King stove behind you?

  3. nemesrock says:

    I do these before …
    I do these before and after I play everyday now. Great results!

  4. GGTopGuitarist says:

    seems like a lot of …
    seems like a lot of people viewing these videos are guitarists.. I’ve got RSI and maybe carpal tunnel so these are really helpful thanks

  5. ccannoncanamucio says:

    thanks so much, i …
    thanks so much, i have 35 years of drumming to stretch out.. your exercises rock..thanks

  6. michiv79 says:

    Thanks so much, i …
    Thanks so much, i was in so much pain, still attempted all the exercises you demonstrated and man one day later i was able to work without any pain.
    Thanks you are an angel!

  7. larypatrick says:

    Thank U!!!
    Thank U!!!

  8. ImmortalReaver says:

    I don’t have any …
    I don’t have any problems yet but I’m a guitarist as well as gamer so I use my hands a ton. I’ve been doing these types of warm ups every day to hopefully prevent any complications in the future…

  9. vsamanthamcnair says:

    I’m a returning …
    I’m a returning beginner yogi. Noticing more and more achy wrists. These video’s has given me new inspiration to keep on practicing, to not give up because of my week wrists. Has helped tremendously and feels great! Thanks.

  10. waitandbleed17 says:


    I can …

    I can relate to you, i’m just a beginner on a guitar and i learn slowly compare to my peers because of tendonitis, this exercise is really helpfull

  11. g83m says:


  12. asitbon says:

    I am an …
    I am an occupational therapist who sees patients with CTS on a regular basis. It is contraindicated to flex the wrist to that extent. The wrist should be kept in neutral to 30 degrees of extension. Also wearing a dorsal cock-up Splint at night can help relieve the pain.

  13. 461904 says:

    Great exercise for …
    Great exercise for hands, but not sure if this works for carpal tunnel syndrome. I can’t even bend the wrists that’s way, it is horrible pain. And doctors do not recommend do anything what cause pain. Pain means more inflammation ahead. And I have a mild case of carpal tunnel. But probably someone will use it for prevention.

  14. pranaflowgirl says:

    this is awesome …
    this is awesome info!!!

  15. ginger04cl says:

    Hi, have you done …
    Hi, have you done this exercises? I’m asking cause my mum has this carpal tunnel syndrome and I was wondering whether they’d help her a bit.

  16. nemesrock says:

    as a guitar player …
    as a guitar player with tendonitis i really appreciate this video

  17. lepianoman says:

    Thank you so much!
    Thank you so much!

  18. scwubble says:

    Thank you very much …
    Thank you very much for posting this instruction video. I did the exercise as you’d demonstrated and could feel the immediate effect on my arms! I’ve been struggling with this ache on my forearms as I have not been adopting a good posture whilst on the laptop.

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