Office Chair Yoga Stretches : Office Chair Yoga: Deltoid Stretch

Stretching out the deltoids, or shoulders, is a great way to utilize yoga while at your desk. Learn some tips for performing yoga at the office from a yoga instructor in this free yoga video.

Expert: Cassie Naumann
Bio: Cassie Naumann developed the styles of Lyenger, Ashtanga, Viny, and Hatha Yoga.
Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

Duration : 0:1:38

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  1. wshirt2 says:

    great, very useful
    great, very useful

  2. gussinajninen says:

    Thanks man, My …
    Thanks man, My deltroid hurt after my workout! (usually don’t) but i was a bit rusty I guess ^^
    Good stretch

  3. fillosofert says:


  4. fourier2020 says:

    Its the voice. …
    Its the voice. Ooooooh … that feels so good!

  5. sku11fukkr says:

    Oh my god. She just …
    Oh my god. She just exudes sexual attraction

  6. matthewXL says:

    homo joe is right.. …
    homo joe is right…shes hot

  7. mohomojo123 says:

    She is soooooooooo …
    She is soooooooooo hot.

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