Kundalini Yoga for Beginners : Doing Neck Rolls in Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Learn Kundalini Yoga exercises to workout and relax your neck, in this free how-to video on kundalini yoga and meditation training.

Expert: Leta Koontz
Contact: www.schoolhouseyoga.com
Bio: Leta Koontz has been studying yoga since 1998. She is certified to teach yoga through the Himalayan Institute and is the principal of Schoolhouse Yoga.
Filmmaker: Danniel Fishler

Duration : 0:2:1

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  1. YoCupcake says:

    cant gues watch …
    cant gues watch yoga without being rude or thinking of yuk stuff!

    thanks 4 this lesson btw :) helps

  2. davetista says:

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    you’re a perv, cxz86.

  3. cxz86 says:

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    you’re a hottie

  4. YvetteCaroline says:

    Question: what if …
    Question: what if you have cervical problems? This looks a bit agressive…

  5. mkk911akadevil says:

    this is by far the …
    this is by far the longest title on youtube!

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