How to Avoid Yoga Injuries : Yoga Headstand

Avoid injuries during yoga; learn how to do headstand yoga poses and avoid injuries in this free video covering correct yoga posture.

Expert: Carolyne Heldman
Bio: In 2001, Carolyne Heldman discovered the healing and transformative powers of yoga.
Filmmaker: Carolyne Harvey

Duration : 0:1:18

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  1. taftborg says:

    4 people can`t do …
    4 people can`t do this..

  2. codenameisblah says:

    i tried this and i …
    i tried this and i fell over and almost hit my legs on a table lol EPIC FAIL :)

  3. Unexpec7ed says:

    Thanks : ) Keep …
    Thanks : ) Keep spreding yoga around the world : )

  4. Alpha7000 says:

    Agree, Raja is …
    Agree, Raja is right on. The hairline is placed on the floor – if hairline is receeding ; ) well look at your ID photo from years back or at an older photo of yourself where you were younger; ) and you’ll see it.
    I was shown this by a yogi in Beneares who was a medical doctor and he was very anal about not having the soft spot touching the ground in headstand.

  5. RajaBegun says:

    If there is one …
    If there is one really dangerous way to do the headstand, it is the one shown above.

    At 1:16 the weight rests on the anterior fontanelle as it should, right? Nope, wrong. This is no tiny detail, and it must always be told when demonstrating shirshasana. Although the hemispheres are sutured after the first 2 years of life that is the soft spot (4 finger widths above hair line.) It can be cracked even with a mantra as Tibetan p’howa techniques easily demonstrate.

  6. RajaBegun says:

    Your hands are …
    Your hands are braced at the posterior fontanelle, which also leads to wrong pose. The line where the hair ends is where the head rests in the headstand correctly. This is no minor detail, considering that poses in yoga are meant to be maintained for long periods of time, and that those who are persevering do them daily. Please do not teach this to others and expose them to dangers if you have not learnt yoga from a competent teacher. It is not only wrong, but it is also unethical and dangerous.

  7. TheGhani143 says:

    thank u madam
    thank u madam

  8. testuser564 says:

    this is the worst …
    this is the worst ever!

  9. shelana90 says:

    I can do one for 40 …
    I can do one for 40 seconds!

  10. NoDayButTodayBWay says:

    I’m working on this …
    I’m working on this pose in my yoga class. Thank you for the tips :)

  11. currucaful says:


  12. cee188 says:

    ive hurt the back …
    ive hurt the back of my shoulder trying to do the headstand..wot do i do..?

  13. TheThelighting says:

    MAANNN the only way …
    MAANNN the only way to release stress is to give me sex and chick your going to give it to me in that doggy style!

  14. uytutyu895 says:

    very nice. i love …
    very nice. i love when you were on all fours.

  15. zeRonster says:

    awesome..can I put …
    awesome..can I put it between your cheeks?

  16. wheretologin says:

    Nice head stand . I …
    Nice head stand . I also have headstand video uploaded in youtube ..just type “Head Stand – By Susheel Upadhyay”

  17. mikejenk001 says:


  18. yourlilchinagirl says:

    Really appreciate …
    Really appreciate you taking the time to explain to people what is going on in headstand.

  19. kiransawhney says:

    well done
    well done

  20. Lylas94 says:

    i luv this vid. i …
    i luv this vid. i can do that too.

  21. VEGAN0011 says:

    good video
    good video

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