How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners : How To Do A Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Learn how to do a Seated Forward Fold Pose in this free online video on yoga exercises for beginners.

Expert: Samantha Raphael
Bio: Samantha Raphael, R.Y.T. has been practicing Yoga for eight years and teaching for three.
Filmmaker: Samantha Raphael

Duration : 0:1:47

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  1. goldenfilly says:

    @8BitFox your not …
    @8BitFox your not its much better to be loose and relaxed and not all stiff and gammy and tense like this woman. a lot more of your muscles are proboly relaxed so you’d find it easier than a stiff person

  2. theShawnshow1 says:

    This is stupid. The …
    This is stupid. The only reason that i looked this up was to sneak into forest lawn. lol jk! I don’t have to sneak in.

  3. LadyDeeDee117 says:

    this is shit
    this is shit

  4. GummehBears says:

    lmaoo. all the …
    lmaoo. all the words cover the video.

  5. BuzzAxe says:

    Thank you. That was …
    Thank you. That was very nice.

  6. 8BitFox says:

    Man i thinkbim too …
    Man i thinkbim too fat to do yoga

  7. sweetappletits says:

    lol i managed to …
    lol i managed to touch ma toes cos av got long arms so its an unfair advantage lol bt still felt realy good afterwards :O i did start to feel some pain in the back of my leg after like 2 secs! bt got better, i cudve sworn i cud seen a faint electrical current or surge or something between my fingers bt unsure..probs from the fact that am as flexible as a stick and avent stretched ma body from a while so gettin dizzy lol.anyway hope u put up more beginner vids ur a fitty! lol ;) :D

  8. ampm91192 says:

    shes gross….
    shes gross….

  9. lovelytashchick says:

    U suck …

    U suck at yoga

  10. Southgateks says:

    I like this pose. …
    I like this pose. If you are serious about wanting to do yoga, you have to start somewhere. If you haven’t done this before, why would you think you could do it as far as Samantha?? on your first try.

  11. xxrawrgummehxx says:

    baha i did it at …
    baha i did it at like 3:00 am well its 3:00 am My legs are too long to reach my toes!!!

  12. swimming4life12 says:

    WTH??? how is this …
    WTH??? how is this our social studies homework!?

  13. rickyay26 says:

    lolol ill probably …
    lolol ill probably have to do just this one position or a month to get it just like hers

  14. pinto9988 says:

    Shit tell me about …
    tell me about it.

  15. lvlorbidity says:

    Yeah I haven’t …
    Yeah I haven’t stretched in forever and thought about trying this.

    I was like “oh…fuck” as I tried doing this. -_-;; Oh well, I’ll still keep at it.

  16. yogafan6500 says:

    You should give it …
    You should give it a try. It’s very cool just as long as you start out as a beginner.

  17. nosecolombia says:

    lol i tried the …
    lol i tried the fist position ,started leaning forward n i was like yeah no thi isnt gonna work lol ciggy time =P

  18. SuperNerd707 says:

    yoga is more than …
    yoga is more than just physical exercise, it is also the exercise of the mind….

  19. lilmizztasha1 says:

    no. that didnt work …
    no. that didnt work, i have been in pain for ages coz of this thing!!!! dont post any more your vids r stupid and so r ur moves

  20. skoolpie123 says:

    LOL! good one
    LOL! good one

  21. skoolpie123 says:

    LOL! I wouldn’t …
    LOL! I wouldn’t trust a cooking video from YouTube either… :)

  22. itstimetostudy says:

    ur a dick woman …
    ur a dick woman mudafucker

  23. phoebeluvsfrance says:

    expert village is …
    expert village is so shoddy. you should see their cooking videos. i dont think they even know how to cook.

  24. Leahzebelle says:

    you think every …
    you think every woman is hot, cuz youre a guy. a real sophisticate who would a pig if he was in the mood.

  25. deepart15 says:

    Man i just tryed …
    Man i just tryed this and it kind of hurts lol. AND i don’t think it hurts coz i was not using a mat, I wail have to try this some other time was i have more time.

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