How To Do Yoga Poses For Beginners : How To Do A Bound Angle Yoga Pose

Learn how to do a Bound Angle Pose in this free online video on yoga exercises for beginners.

Expert: Samantha Raphael
Bio: Samantha Raphael, R.Y.T. has been practicing Yoga for eight years and teaching for three.
Filmmaker: Samantha Raphael

Duration : 0:1:50

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  1. swelvet says:

    thanks so much for …
    thanks so much for posting these vids! i luv to try yoga and now i can! If i like it i can join a course or something

  2. XFiFiTotsX says:

    Holly crap the pain …
    Holly crap the pain of that felt lik my skin was tearing .. But the after results were so relaxing and calming !

  3. makeupbyslushie2 says:

    It felt like I was …
    It felt like I was gunna break sumin but I actually dint mind … it was a wierd kinda pain lol

  4. BlueCoIIarhero says:

    Most that achieved …
    Most that achieved was me getting a wiff of my feet!

  5. SmileyChicket says:

    this hurt like …
    this hurt like hell!!!

    .. but it felt sooo goood!

    i am soooooo unfelxable, and i’m only 17

    i cant wait to start my yoga lessons!

  6. osodelicious25 says:

    Do I have to keep …
    Do I have to keep my hands there? My feet naturally separate and I can go further down if myhands are on the floor? Does this matter? The streach is the same…so ?

  7. mchezomc says:

    these people know …
    these people know nothing about yoga

  8. xxsteph116xx says:

    You are very good . …
    You are very good .. But your not enough close to the camera!!

  9. gladyslovelygirl says:

    OMG!. Samantha that …
    OMG!. Samantha that was really good. thnx for that, now i know how to bound angle pose. im 17 male. i love to do yoga. PS.. YOUR HOT! ;D..heheh

  10. LtlFckUp says:

    im 13 and really i …
    im 13 and really i think a shoud start fresh by starting to do yoga :D thanks samantha :]

  11. TWxqGGyS says:

    Whew! Relaxing! …
    Whew! Relaxing! Thanks again Samantha!

  12. JohnNikshMarcelo98 says:

    T H A N K S!
    Yoga …

    T H A N K S!
    Yoga make me more sweat than workouts! I hope I lose some weight during this lenten season

  13. JohnNikshMarcelo98 says:

    I think no one …
    I think no one would give up somethong but add something to make their life healthy! I like yoga! it makes my mind relaxed!

  14. TWxqGGyS says:

    Thank you! This is …
    Thank you! This is a great start for me the 40 days of the Lenten Season. It hurt a bit, but I’m sure I’ll get used to the yoga positions by the end of 40 days. Great Job!

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