Yoga for a Healthy Back is just what the doctor ordered. Regular exercise like Yoga will improve your overall fitness and decrease the likelihood of back injury. Remember to check with your Doctor before starting any exercise program. Get your free video at Namaste~

Duration : 0:8:3

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  1. kvforman says:

    @ …
    @WullopPornruangwong Thank-you for praticing Yoga with me! Namaste~ Vicki

  2. WullopPornruangwong says:

    Namaste, thank you …
    Namaste, thank you for your excellent yoga program. Your teaching helps heal people around the world (‘ขอบคุณครับ’ – thank you words in Thai)

  3. Loyalfk says:

    Vicki, thanks for …
    Vicki, thanks for this. I’m a chaplain in a large hospital and the work can be emotional and physically draining. Taking just a few minutes to do this in my office is very helpful. God bless you, and respect, from my soul to yours. – Loyal.

  4. kvforman says:

    Thanks, Gina… …
    Thanks, Gina… Yoga will alway lift your mood. There are some great Yoga classes for you and your little one. Namaste~ Vicki

  5. GINAS19 says:

    This made me feel …
    This made me feel better i am a new mom and parenting can be a tad stressful this made me happy.

  6. kvforman says:

    Yes, I think you …
    Yes, I think you are right… Vicki

  7. PavedParadise says:

    I like the music, I …
    I like the music, I think it is turned up too loud compared to the audio.

  8. kvforman says:

    Hello, Yes I’m …
    Hello, Yes I’m sorry that the music is not traditional Yoga music, but in order not to abuse copyright issues… I have used my own music… which is more folk and pop. If you have traditional Yoga music that you have written and would like to donate to my Youtube Yoga videos that would be terrific. Thanks for your comments… and thanks for watching. Sincerely, Vicki

  9. featheredpines says:

    The music is very …
    The music is very distracting from a tranquil yoga experience.

  10. Snoo1809 says:

    I have a bit of …
    I have a bit of scoliosis and a bit of a hunch because of bad posture and i’m 19 – this will help in time, right?

  11. mesbild says:

    great video .. i …
    great video .. i got a question please . i walk “subconsciously” head down and not straight . are those exersices enough to get my back straight and i can walk normally again ?

  12. coffeecup517 says:

    This is great when …
    This is great when I get up in the morning and I’m barely awake. I can still do a work out and improve my back.

  13. xoxochay says:

    i love it .. gud …
    i love it .. gud for my back really

  14. M4N74S says:

    i should try some …
    i should try some yoga

  15. MikeCasko says:

    Nice work. Great …
    Nice work. Great video presentation as well!

  16. happybunnyrulez112 says:

    ok im going to do …
    ok im going to do some more back yoga more often!

  17. gtofire says:

    very nice.
    very nice.

  18. zsolstice says:

    very nice and …
    very nice and relaxing…excellent breathing technique…namaste

  19. alessapalimieri says:

    thank you
    thank you

  20. kleanchap says:

    Nice intro and …
    Nice intro and presentation! Great flexibility.

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