Yoga provides strength, stretch, flexibility and makes you feel great! Buy this Yoga DVD
~Namaste~ Vicki

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  1. kolinkah says:

    Great beginning …
    Great beginning workout for yoga – I couldn’t help laughing every time the speaker said “stamina” – it was “stanima” – made me giggle so much I almost lost my balance. : )

  2. kansasisaband says:

    Bless you! Keep …
    Bless you! Keep your chin up and smile. Your best place to start is in your heart! Yes! Breath and relax. Fairyfantastic? Nice name. For indeed they are fantastic and there to assist in your physical and spiritual revival. You are the best! Collectively we need to awaken to this truth and change this “virus” called stress that so many suffer from. It all starts with you. Peace and Light.

  3. kvforman says:

    I’m sorry to hear …
    I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Yoga can help you reduce stress and kick in the good feeling, Make sure you breath during your Yoga practice and that you spend some time in Relaxation. Many people are feeling the same way as you… Namaste~ Vicki

  4. fairyfantastic says:

    i want to do yoga! …
    i want to do yoga! i want to relax my mind and body coz im depressed these days…

  5. hershl89 says:

    depends what time …
    depends what time you sleep, generally dont do exercise three hours before you sleep

  6. CrazayDancerr says:

    what time of the …
    what time of the day would it be best to do this? im really interested in yoga, and i usually exercise by doing crunches and such at about 7 at night. Would that be okay? Or should i make it earyler? thanks

  7. jebmy says:

    am happy very nice
    am happy very nice

  8. devangna16 says:

    does this help u …
    does this help u lose belly fat too??? many weeks if i do this 2 times everyday

  9. kvforman says:

    Please check with …
    Please check with your doctor and make sure he approves Yoga as a form of exercise. I admire your willingness to try Yoga. It does work well for individuals trying to start a new exercise program. You may consider Private lessons to get proper form and alignment. Best wishes to you!

  10. kvforman says:

    Yoga is not for …
    Yoga is not for everyone. You need to find an exercise that you enjoy and feel some passion about in order to lose weight. Yoga works well with other type of physical activities such as running, golfing, swimming etc…Good luck in finding your passion

  11. kvforman says:

    You can find a yoga …
    You can find a yoga mat for under $10 or an exercise mat. A sticky mat is really better than a rug… mainly for safety issues.

  12. kvforman says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the question. The DVD would be better for reaching any improvement in your health or burning calories.
    With the Full DVD, I would practice at least 3 times a week. Namaste~

  13. ajchisky says:

    I am a 43 year old …
    I am a 43 year old man and I currently weigh 410 lbs at 6′. I have multiple health issues from neuropathy, sleep apnea, severe depresseion to polychythemia vera. I feel drawn to try this. When I walk for any length of time my gout will flair up…will keep you posted.

  14. rayiman says:

    its doesnt work for …
    its doesnt work for me though.

  15. Bremen25 says:

    I don’t have a yoga …
    I don’t have a yoga mat, but I use a rug. Is that safe? Yoga supplies are so expensive.

  16. PineapplePinyata says:

    I’m quite new to …
    I’m quite new to this,
    So you have to do this atleast 3 times a week for results. This exercise in the video. But do you get better results if you purchase the DVD? (I mean the things on the DVD)

  17. kvforman says:

    Hi, Delicatemoon… …
    Hi, Delicatemoon… Yes, the random dog
    is pretty awesome… Vicki

  18. delicatemoon says:

    i love the random …
    i love the random dog at 3:08

  19. candycane21 says:

    This is very …
    This is very accessible beginner video. You do simple, yet invigorating moves. I play your video twice and I feel wonderful!

  20. kvforman says:

    You should practice …
    You should practice Yoga at least 3 times a week to notice an improvement in flexibility and strength. To lose weight, you should include some type of aerobic exercise, a diet journal along with your Yoga practice. Yoga relaxation can help you to make a mind-body connection which helps you to stay calm and not fall into bad eating habits that sometimes are trigger by emotional ups and downs. Namaste~ Vicki

  21. kvforman says:

    Yes, some of the …
    Yes, some of the videos are taking on Kauai, Hawaii. Such a beautiful place! I would love to go back soon. Yoga has so many wonderful Health benefits… it is great that you are walking too. Good combination of aerobic and stretching…Namaste~ Vicki

  22. neve210493 says:

    how long do u have …
    how long do u have to do yoga before you see the results?

  23. kimmedeiros says:

    I have been doing …
    I have been doing your videos for about a week. They are so great for a beginner. I never thought I would like Yoga, but it makes me feel really good afterwards. This one is my favorite. I sweat more than when I walk for 30 minutes. By the way, were some of your videos shot on Kauai, Hawaii?

  24. kvforman says:

    Hello, Please do …
    Hello, Please do not perform any Yoga posture
    if you are feeling pain. Please ask your Doctor about the pain you are feeling in your back.

  25. cjapril08 says:

    hi kvforman, i just …
    hi kvforman, i just do yoga which the positionĀ“s lie flat on back with legs and then spread legs apart and lock body then after raise arms over the head but i got pain at the spine of my back but i still think its good to the body and even has many benifits like stimulates internal organs and improves circulation

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