Beginning Goddess Yoga Asanas, Taos, New Mexico, Rio Grande Gorge

Yoga = Union;
Asanas = Pose, posture, or position.
These are Yoga Asanas done in a not-so-serious way. But the scenery is beautiful. I did this mostly to inform older people and somewhat overweight people that they can do this also. Just be sure to consult with your physician first.
This helps one’s joints, brain, heart, lungs and many other organs in the body. See the studies.
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I own everything on this video, and the music is free for the taking, and has no copyright.
I got the music from a CD I bought sometime ago with free-to-use multimedia items on it.

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Duration : 0:6:18

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  1. angelstar22 says:

    That hair color was …
    That hair color was totally temporary. It only lasted that day and a bit into the next. I still have the pink hair spray; maybe I’ll do it again one day to cheer myself up!

  2. meiastar says:

    Hee hee! This was …
    Hee hee! This was a really cute video. :) I was looking for something easy to start with. I love your hair. Pink is my favorite color; my hair looked like yours last summer! :)

  3. amethystcrystal7 says:

    Awesome! Funny! I’m …
    Awesome! Funny! I’m going to show this to all my friends!

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