Beginner Yoga Positions : Pose of the Child in Yoga

Yoga instruction for a healthy life. What is the yoga child’s pose? Learn in this free video on yoga positions.

Expert: Amy Pancake
Bio: Amy Pancake is a yoga instructor at Yoga Yoga studio in Austin, Texas.

Duration : 0:0:55

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  1. Elysiummoon says:

    This is really …
    This is really interesting as I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in the pose at 00.28-00.30 and sometimes after prayer I do this pose when I’m very exhausted just to rest a little before I get up and fall asleep just there in that position. I’ve been doing this without knowing it was a yogapose and with its own special name!!And actually there are some few other poses I’ve “figured out” myself per instinct-I guess it’s just about listening to our bodies

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