Beginner Yoga Positions : Corpse Pose in Beginner Yoga

Yoga instruction for a healthy life. What is the yoga corpse pose? Watch a demonstration in this free video on yoga positions.

Expert: Amy Pancake
Bio: Amy Pancake is a yoga instructor at Yoga Yoga studio in Austin, Texas.

Duration : 0:2:39

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  1. Satanincarnated1 says:

    lolyoudied pose
    lolyoudied pose

  2. optical76 says:

    i just started …
    i just started doing yoga a few weeks ago. holy crap its way harder that it looks!

  3. s0lidcake says:

    @opcomment i guess …
    @opcomment i guess she didn’t explain it too well, but what i’ve read is that you are supposed to rest every muscle in your body leading to total relaxation. you can also experience the ‘prana’

  4. doglover8700 says:

    haha. :D
    haha. :D

  5. DogHudson says:

    @doglover8700 Ha ha …
    @doglover8700 Ha ha, squirmy! You made me lol! I know what you mean though!

  6. doglover8700 says:

    lol i just did a …
    lol i just did a lot of yoga stuff from this person, and now i feel all loose, and if i just let go im going to fall down because i feel so flexible and squirmy. :D

  7. opcomment says:

    uh, so corpse pose …
    uh, so corpse pose is just lying there? what’s the point?

  8. inuyashaswifey5 says:

    ….im in yoga …
    ….im in yoga class and i absolutly love the corpse pose …but there was this time out teacher made us lay on our backs and put our legs on the wall it was most uncomfortable (i felt my blood rushing down from my legs…ew…lol)

  9. strangeling354 says:

    lol ignore the …
    lol ignore the thums down u got mate.

  10. tesseley says:

    luv dis stuff…. …
    luv dis stuff….please post mor….really helpful

  11. hobbesdream says:


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